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Everyone is Welcome at Pain to Purpose!

We all go through hard times, whether you’ve lost a loved one, been diagnosed with a disease, going through a divorce, facing financial difficulty, or dealing with any number of painful situations that life hands you, we believe getting through the pain is part of the journey and ultimately, has a purpose. It doesn't matter your background, your religion, your race, your ethnicity, your lifestyle, or what you’re going through. You are welcome here at Pain to Purpose!

We’re hardly ever prepared for the challenges we face and usually go searching aimlessly for help in dealing with them. Sometimes, even when we know what we need to face them, the effort seems greater than the reward. In 2016, Kristin dealt with a life-changing illness that was hardly talked about, usually shamed for, and often ignored. It was through this traumatic experience (her pain) that she not only learned how to better cope with her illness (i.e. anxiety and depression), but to use that knowledge and insight to help others (her God given purpose).

No matter what you’re going through, no matter what you’re facing, we believe there are 4 dimensions of wellness that when followed, can help heal your mind, body, and spirit. Pain to Purpose has created these 4 topics (below) into what we hope will be informational, educational, inspiring, and empowering blogs, both written and through videos, to help guide you through not only what you’re facing now, but what lies ahead. Some of the blogs will be written and inspired by Kristin’s experience, while others can and will be derived from others who’ve come before her with their own insight and knowledge to share. The video section of these categories can and will include everything from sermons to personal testimonies by any number of people. We will also highlight inspiring stories from our readers and followers and share those on here (Share Your Story Menu Item/Highlighted Story) so be sure to email us yours.

At Pain to Purpose, our goal is to help heal your pain, strengthen your spirit, and realize the purpose. God bless!


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