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We were a young family living our lives the best way we knew how; Randy worked in corporate America while I (Kristin) stayed at home to care for the kids. To help pay bills I found time to maintain a healthy list of clients I had before I “retired” from being a hairstylist. In early 2016, our company Simple Matters was born from a trial in my life that turned out to be both the worst and best things that could have ever happened to me; depression, anxiety, spiritual withdrawal, and being physically unfit sent me into a tailspin that’s completely changed our lives. From that experience I felt it in my heart that helping others struggling with their own trials was what God was asking me to do.

Changing how we lived meant changing everything we consumed and exposed our bodies to. Essential oils and using all-natural products were instrumental in my healing but there was so much more that was needed that Simple Matters and these products alone couldn’t provide. Spiritually, emotionally, and physically I struggled to find the support and help I so desperately needed. I spent countless hours online searching for that “magic pill” that would make it all go away but the more I read the more I realized that so many people were dealing with their own struggles and just like me, getting nowhere. With prayer, faith, and the church I started to find some peace and healing. I then focused on my emotional well-being by opening up and talking about what I was going through with anyone and everyone that would listen, from professional counselors to people I’d never met before. As I reached out and shared my journey, I felt myself getting stronger and better able to control my emotions. Setbacks and rejection by some of the people I trusted and loved the most hurt, but was important in shaping the person I am today.  Finally, as I regained control of my thoughts and relied on my faith to continue to heal, I started getting the energy and will to improve my physical health. Maintaining a healthy diet while sticking to a daily exercise regimen was something I had never done before so I needed all the help I could get. Over time, I craved things like salmon, vegetables, and vitamin-rich meals that my body needed to keep everything in balance.

Together, these 4 elements of well-being (i.e. essential oils/natural products, physical/nutritional, spiritual, and mental/emotional) were critical in the transformation and healing of my mind, body, and spirit. We believe that these elements are so powerful and effective to living a happy, healthy, and purposeful life that we created this platform and website, Pain To Purpose, as a resource for anyone suffering, feeling “lost,” going through their own trial, or in need of motivation and direction. Through every struggle, every heartbreak, every loss, and every painful experience we live through, there is a purpose. God bless!

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