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We’d love to hear all about your journey, your pain, your learning experience, and ultimately your purpose so that we can share with others. Along Kristin’s own journey, she learned that it was being open to what others had experienced and learned that help her with her own path to healing and purpose. Maybe it’s a vitamin deficiency that’s common among anxiety and depression sufferers, maybe it’s a lack of exercise, or maybe it’s a combination of things as such was the case with Kristin. What may work for one person may or may not necessarily work for another. However, we are committed to narrowing the list of potential causes and/or remedies to mental illness and providing a sort of “database” of such known items using your stories.

At a minimum, we feel that sharing similar stories and reading words of encouragement and faith can themselves be a form of therapy. There were many noticeable changes in Kristin’s mental state when she was suffering from depression that made us stop and take notice. Often, meeting a stranger at Church or through a friend and hearing how that person suffered through a crisis in their own life and overcame the depression and/or anxiety that came along was enough to give her that encouragement to keep fighting. We often spoke about how Kristin’s mood had improved just from talking to and hearing from someone who had been through something similar to what Kristin had. Whether it’s a divorce, the loss of a loved one, a financial crisis, or some other painful experience that’s brought on some form of mental illness, we hope to share your story and your victory so that others can benefit and be encouraged to fight on!

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